Drefens K

Potassium complexed with ripening-inducing polycarboxylic acids

Drefens K

Potassium complexed with ripening-inducing polycarboxylic acids.

DREFENS K is a product containing potassium with immediate action on the plant, especially indicated for the final phase of the crop, when the aim is to improve the size and bring forward the ripening of the fruit. The addition of polycarboxylic acids increases the absorption of potassium. Furthermore, these polycarboxylic acids increase the synthesis of sugars by the plant, providing greater uniformity in terms of weight and ripening of the fruit, and achieving a more intense colouring. The basic metabolites provided by DREFENS K act as desetresantes, so its use is indicated in treatments with mineral oil, to reduce the stress it causes.


Potassium oxide (K2O)

25 % w/w

Contains polycarboxylic acids.

Foliar application:

Foliar application of 200 to 500 cc/HL. In citrus 2-3 treatments are recommended. 1º 45 days before harvest, to act on the size of the fruit and increase the soluble solids content. 2º 21-25 days before harvest to improve size, accelerate sugar synthesis and increase colouring.
In fruit trees, apply the first treatment 30 days before harvest, the second treatment 10-12 days later.

Root application:

Root application 10-35 L/Ha. 2 Applications 1st application 30 days before harvest. 2nd 15 days later.
It mainly affects the advance of maturation and the increase in the unit weight of the pieces.




Tensomax pH


Ph buffer, surfactant and wetting agent.



Zinc and cobalt corrector. Fruit set and fruit drop.

Drefens Nematop


Root stimulant.

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