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At Fertix Nutrición Vegetal we are dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of fertilisers, ecological products and special solutions for agriculture. Since our creation, we have been dedicated to developing products that meet the demands of the increasingly competitive agricultural sector, offering resources adapted to the new needs of the market.

The result of this work is our range of products, which combines products dedicated to plant improvement from multiple approaches, starting with the supply of nutrients, through the improvement of soil and water, to crop protection, providing tools to the plant itself so that it is able to manage its resources more efficiently.

In recent years, Fertix has been striving to increase its range of organic products, in line with the needs of the agricultural sector and the demands of consumers, since production without phytosanitary residues and the preservation of the environment are challenges that we must face as a society, and it is our will and part of our mission to contribute as much as we can.

Quality, service, innovation, advice, sustainability and reliability are some of the values that define us, to which we remain faithful, and which have allowed us to obtain results that go beyond the purely economic, such as being worthy of the trust of our customers, being the best reward for the effort and dedication with which we carry out our work.



Internationalisation is a key activity for Fertix, which is why it is described in the strategic plan as a fundamental pillar of the company's growth. We are currently present in countries on 3 continents, with more markets being added as our international expansion plan progresses. To this end, we have created synergies with companies that are experts in internationalisation, which have strengthened and increased our presence in foreign markets.

The study of the agricultural needs of the destination country and its particularities such as crops, climate, soil conditions, cultural practices, etc., is essential to understand the markets to which we intend to offer our solutions, so after this initial study, we adapt and recommend the most appropriate products from our catalogue, in order to help increase yields and optimise the resources of our customers.

Partnerships and Synergies

As we have progressed, we have forged alliances with entities that provide us with added value, and which allow us to adapt to a global environment in which companies must remain in constant dynamism.

QUIMACOVA, Chemical and Environmental Association of the Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community. An entity that acts as a representative of companies in the chemical sector before public and private institutions. It has valuable tools and equipment to keep its members up to date in technical, sustainable and legislative matters.
Cartel IVACE 2024
FERTIX PLANT NUTRITION S.L. has been awarded a grant to LA MEJORA DE LA GESTIÓN DE LA INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE LAS PYMES DE LA CV DE IVACE, This has allowed us to increase our international presence and improve our international process management.
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FERTIX NUTRICION VEGETAL S.L.has been a beneficiary of European Funds, aimed at strengthening sustainable growth and the competitiveness of SMEs, and thanks to which it has launched an Internationalization Plan with the aim of improving its competitive positioning abroad during the year 2024. To this end, it has had the support of the Xpande Program of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce. #EuropaSeSiente
SOHISCERT. A certifying company for organic production and inputs of recognised prestige, responsible for the certification of our range of organic products.
BIOVEGEN. BIOVEGEN is an association that brings together organisations from the agri-food sector with an interest in R&D&I in applied plant biology. Its objective is to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish agri-food sector through the incorporation of new technologies based on plant biology, and provides us with access to a wide network of companies with whom we create synergies to advance in our goal of achieving an increasingly sustainable agriculture.