To achieve this goal, FERTIX, Plant NutritionThe company is facing a Strategic Plan in which investments in R&D&I are gaining presence, as well as its international projection.  

Interview with Javier Morales, CEO of Fertix, Plant Nutrition.

The year 2021 has marked a turning point in the company, and the beginning of a very ambitious Strategic Plan. Could you detail the main actions that will mark the development of FERTIX in the coming years?

The company has a Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2023, where we have defined the lines that will guide the company's actions, and which we began to implement last year. In 2021 we consolidated the growth we had been registering in recent years and, at brand level, we achieved a very important reinforcement that materialised with our presence at Fruit Attraction.. This event allowed us to gain in national and international projection, and to achieve synergies of great value, which will clearly contribute to achieving the objectives of the Strategic Plan in the coming years.

By 2022, we want to strengthen our crop protection solutions by launching products under the ECO label for pest and disease control. To this end, we will increase our resources in the area of R&D&I.

This expansion of the catalogue, together with a reinforcement of our national sales network, will undoubtedly mark this year's actions.

The internationalisation will also be a key pillar on which we will act.. We hope to confirm our presence in new markets in the coming months, and in those where we are already present, to promote and support our distributors with more technical training on our catalogue, either in person or online.

In this sense, if we achieve health normality, we will resume attendance at international fairs and congresses in order to strengthen our presence abroad.

You mentioned the launch of crop protection products, what exactly are they and what stage are they at?

FERTIX is a company that innovates and offers solutions and adapts to the demands of the market, which is why we are looking towards ecological solutions, because we are convinced that they are the future. But in order to do so, we have to continue researching. We are currently in the field testing phase for the launch of an acaricide, an insecticide and two fungicides based on basic substances, and under the ECO seal, which we hope to have available before the end of 2022.

But FERTIX is not just about organic products. Our catalogue is made up of plant nutrition and crop protection solutions, ranging from zero waste to the ECO seal. And this is where we want to position ourselves, as an entity with the ability to to offer complete solutions for crop management from the initial stages to harvesting of the product..

Returning to internationalisation, this year has already seen the materialisation of your presence in an important market such as Peru. How do you expect relations between FERTIX and the LATAM markets to develop in the medium term?

We are really satisfied with the steps we have already taken this year, hand in hand with our distributors. In this sense, we expect in the coming months the definitive approval of agreements with large producers in the area. Undoubtedly, this will mean a very important reinforcement for our internationalisation area.

In addition to Peru, we continue to make contacts in other countries in the LATAM area, Africa and Eastern Europe, where we hope to have a solid presence throughout this year.