Fertix Plant Nutrition has a complete portfolio of humic amendments to enrich soils for better crop development.

For the development of productive, profitable and environmentally friendly agriculture, agricultural land and its condition is becoming increasingly important.

When we refer to agricultural land, we are talking about a special type of soil that must have certain elements that make it suitable for growing crops. In addition to being a fertile soil, with a high humus composition (or the organic section of the soil), it must have major nutrients such as nitrates, ammonium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphate, magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride and others such as iron, copper, manganese, although the latter in smaller proportions.

Not all agricultural areas have these soils available, so in some cases it is essential to provide some of these nutrients. In addition, the extraction required by crops must be replenished to avoid soil impoverishment.

What are the benefits of humic amendments?

Humic amendments are products that improve the properties of the substrate where elements such as water are stored to nourish the plants; maintain soil fertility by providing organic matter that serves as food for beneficial microfauna; they reduce the undesirable effects of certain factors such as salinity, inadequate pH, herbicide abuse, etc.; they transform elements that are locked in the soil in insoluble forms into assimilable ones; and they facilitate the absorption of fertilisers provided in agriculture, helping the plant to feed itself in an optimised way.

This translates into:

- Better rooting as the roots grow in a medium with more elements available to them.

- Shorter time in juvenile stages where the plant is more sensitive to any adverse factors.

- Greater capacity for absorption of elements by the plant, which translates into better development.

- Optimisation of the use of fertilisers, as they are assimilated to a greater extent.

- Reduction of diseases, as beneficial microfauna aerate the soil and occupy the space of other biotic agents causing such diseases.

- Increased yields, because the plant's normal development is not altered due to stress caused by lack of availability of water, nutrients, etc.

At Fertix Plant Nutrition we offer products that improve the properties of the substrates at a biochemical level, improving the absorption of water and nutrients and facilitating correct root development.

FERTIMAT: Liquid organic matter with fulvic acids

FERTIMAT is a humic amendment with a high content of organic matter and fulvic acids that acts to improve the chemical characteristics of the soil. FERTIMAT is authorised for use in organic farming.

Its benefits include:  

- Improves the structure of the substrate

- Stimulates the formation of new roots

- Improves the clay-humic complex, increases microbial activity of existing beneficial microorganisms in soils

- It makes available to the plant elements that are blocked in the soil, and improves the assimilation of the products with which it is accompanied.

We recommend its use on crops such as citrus fruits, fruit trees, olive trees, vegetables and vines.

DREFENS HUMIC: Solid Humic Acids

DREFENS HUMIC is a product based on humic and fulvic acids indicated to improve the biochemical properties of the soil. It increases the absorption of nutrients by the plant, as it improves cation exchange, activates the microflora of the soil and has chelating power, so it forms complexes with the elements that exist in the soil in insoluble form and makes them available to the plant.

In addition, DREFENS HUMIC stimulates rooting in young plants, allowing an early entry into production.

DREFENS HUMIC  is a product for root application on fruit trees, citrus, vegetables, tropical fruit trees, olive trees and vines.

FERTHUMIC: Humic Acids from Leonardite

FERTHUMIC is a product containing humic and fulvic acids from Leonardite. Its application improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, increasing the availability of nutrients.

With FERTHUMIC The effect is both fast and long-lasting, as fulvic acids act quickly while humic acids have a more stable effect on the soil.

Its application is recommended when bulb improvement is intended, or when it is intended to be used in combination with chelates.

Especially suitable for citrus fruits, fruit trees, vegetables, olives and vines.

FERTIPELEX: Organic fertiliser 100% natural

FERTIPELEX is a nitrogenous organic fertiliser of animal origin, authorised for use for Organic farmingThe product is fully stabilised by a controlled composting process from fermentation to maturation and is made from selected organic materials of animal origin.

FERTIPELEX is a homogeneous fertiliser with high nutrient content and total humic extract, which increases the organic matter content and fertility of soils, maintaining a humic balance.

It is recommended for dry crops, irrigated crops, fruit trees, strawberries and vines. It is available in different compositions:

- FERTIPELEX 2-2-2 (Total Nitrogen 2% w/w, Phosphorus Pentoxide 2% w/w, Potassium Oxide 2% w/w)

- FERTIPELEX 6-4-5 (Total Nitrogen 6% w/w, Phosphorous Pentoxide 4% w/w, Potassium Oxide 5% w/w)

- FERTIPELEX 9-4-1 (Total Nitrogen 9% w/w, Phosphorus Pentoxide 4% w/w, Potassium Oxide 1% w/w)

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